Working from Home due to COVID-19

This is consolidation of prior posts.

If you worked from home due to COVID-19 during 2020, your employer is expected to issue to you a completed form T2200S. You must complete the final section of the form yourself and provide it to me in order to make the claim.

For clients who wish to make the claim for working for home expenses due to COVID-19, there is a worksheet available in the common folder on the portal, where it will remain for this tax season. The worksheet is one page in length and provides information on how to gather the required information, how long to store that information, and how to report that information to me.

The worksheet is in the folder called, “!Information – Instruction” which should be on the top of the list of folders. All clients with access to the portal received an email with a link to the worksheet.

If you are a client and do not have access to the portal, you can request a portal account. If you would prefer to have the worksheet emailed to you, please reply to an email that you received for your 2019 or your 2020 tax return.

General emails requesting the worksheet and emails from people who are not current clients will be ignored.