In-Office Meetings

In certain cases, we are offering in office meetings.

To ensure that we meet health regulations, the following protocols will need to be followed:

  • Ontario Resident Visitors must have in hand copies of their Ontario QR Vaccination Barcode along with government ID.
  • Quebec Resident Visitors will be screened using the Quebec VaxiCode Verif App with government ID. This will require your Quebec VaxiCode Vaccination record.
  • If you have not received your second vaccination, please contact our office for alternative service arrangements.
  • Individuals who are unable to take the vaccine are highly recommended to use alternative service arrangements.
  • You will be also asked questions from the Ontario Public Health Screening Questionnaire.

After admittance, appropriate face masks will be required to be worn properly with both the mouth and chin covered.

Should you feel that this is too onerous, please contact us for the alternative arrangements other than in office meetings.