Confirming contact information

I am building in some automated confirmations into my business process. Clients will notice some of these changes when I start to work on their tax return.

My computer system will automatically ask for a confirmation of your contact information when I start working on your tax return. Also, if you ask for a change of information, you will be provided a preview of the change that I have entered and you will be asked to approve that change. The whole process should be completed within a minute and can be handled on a smart phone or other device any time of the day or night.

This is done to ensure that I have the correct contact information on your tax return when it is filed.

I can’t thank you enough for your diligence, clarity and follow through. The money is great but I also appreciated bearing witness to your exceptional level of service to your clients.

I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I know that will be working or has worked in Canada.

(Harry Y)

Email processing for 2018

Now that email bankruptcy has reset the inbox, what to do?

I am moving emails into a CSM (that means Client Service Manager) where threads will be kept there for business related conversations.

If a client message comes in the regular email, the goal is to move it into the CSM, then file the email in the email inbox immediately.

How long will this last? Don’t know. I still have emails from the late ’90s on a disk somewhere. I don’t like to throw emails away.

Email Bankruptcy

Every few years, it appears that I need to declare email bankruptcy and purge my inbox of old emails.

What this process involves, to select every email older than, in my case, 7 days ago, and move it from the inbox to a depreciated or archived folder. So that you don’t have to look at the emails again. Then you go through those final remaining emails and either move them or keep them. Today, I moved over

20,000+ EMAILS!

That is a lot of emails.

My main email inbox has 15 message left. The archival email inbox is a little higher but it is still processing. I suspect that I will drop that down to a total of ONE email left there.