Telephone provider move

This is a heads up that my telephone provider is being changed. The phone number will be ported from one provider to the new provider.

Following this, my office phone number will fall back to my cell phone, so that you only need to store the office number. The office phone will now also receive and send text messages. There are some other, behind the scene, changes which will allow my assistant and myself to both call out or receive calls at the same time.

The switch should be seamless for clients – the only issue may be if a phone call is active during the switch over. Apart from that, the change should not be noticed by anyone.

Email processing for 2018

Now that email bankruptcy has reset the inbox, what to do?

I am moving emails into a CSM (that means Client Service Manager) where threads will be kept there for business related conversations.

If a client message comes in the regular email, the goal is to move it into the CSM, then file the email in the email inbox immediately.

How long will this last? Don’t know. I still have emails from the late ’90s on a disk somewhere. I don’t like to throw emails away.

Email Bankruptcy

Every few years, it appears that I need to declare email bankruptcy and purge my inbox of old emails.

What this process involves, to select every email older than, in my case, 7 days ago, and move it from the inbox to a depreciated or archived folder. So that you don’t have to look at the emails again. Then you go through those final remaining emails and either move them or keep them. Today, I moved over

20,000+ EMAILS!

That is a lot of emails.

My main email inbox has 15 message left. The archival email inbox is a little higher but it is still processing. I suspect that I will drop that down to a total of ONE email left there.

Subscribing to new posts…

Some of my former subscribers will have noticed that there is no subscription service at this time. New readers may be asking for a way to subscribe.

At present, the email subscription is disabled pending an overhaul of the email subscription service. There is a duplication of the various email lists and I am consolidating the multiple lists to make things easier for everyone.

When the email lists have been consolidated, the old email lists will be shut down and the new will be activated. At that time, I will allow new subscribers.1


Making a charitable donation is a means of reducing your tax owing. For the first $200 of your donation, you receive a federal credit of 15%. After that, you receive a federal credit of 29%. (Provincial credits will also apply.)

If you want to check out your favourite charity at the CRA, please look at the Charities Listing on their website. You may check out the annual Charitable Returns of any charity at the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities. Their tax return is public information and is available for any individual to look at.

(Any charity mentioned here is one of 80,000 registered charities in Canada. No endorsement is intended or implied. Please feel free to suggest other charities.)