Our COVID-19 Procedures

In light of the increasing restrictions for the COVID-19 quarantine, these are our procedures for eliminating, reducing, and tracking potential infections.


All in-person meetings are now cancelled.

Individuals who previously were scheduled for an in-person meeting are encouraged to make use of the video-conferencing service. This allows you to experience the meeting, similar to being present, but without the risk.

Individuals who want to drop off papers are encouraged to use one of the following alternative methods:

  1. Electronic submission through my client portal, using your computer or using your phone/tablet app to photograph and upload,
  2. Delivery by the Post (Registered or XpressPost Service recommended; Notify me of the tracking number when mailed,)
  3. Drop at door (By Appointment; Ring doorbell; Leave at door and step back; We pick up from door before you leave.)

Individuals who need to sign papers are encouraged to use one of the following alternative methods:

  • Electronic signatures, and
  • Mailing papers for you to sign and mail back.

What happens if you come to the door…

All persons presenting at the door are logged to identify potential cross-contamination should it later be required.

What happens to paper received…

We are unable to process any thermal papers safely (credit card slips, debit card slips, or the like.) If you have these papers, please leave at home and ask us for direction on how to process safely. (Note that thermal paper will fade rapidly if you apply a highlighter. The sterilization process has a similar effect.)

All paper will be processed through a UV Sterilizer for one hour. The reason is to attempt to prevent cross-contamination of papers. This is logged.

Paper is then scanned. This is logged. Original client papers are then sealed to prevent further cross-contamination.

The logging is to identify potential cross-contamination points should it later be required.

I want to know whose paper was scanned before mine…

That is confidential. It will be released to the appropriate authority in the requirement to stem a pernicious infection.

If you are infected, please advise your attending medical practitioner (or have your family advise them,) that your papers were processed at my office. Your attending medical practitioner will inform the appropriate authority who can request the release of the information. We will work with the appropriate authority to ensure that all potential people at risk are identified and their safety is assured.