Apologies for the delayed responses

This past week has been rough with the loss of both my father and my oldest dog. As a result, I have not been able to focus as closely on my client’s affairs as I would prefer.

I will be back working again in the next few days, but I am providing a link to my father’s obituary at the remembering.ca website.

My father has an insatiable need to discover information and was always going through several books at once. He would not pay too much attention to increasing his collection though, managing to pick up several copies of the same book. Not at the same time thankfully.

Equally, he was known as the white haired guy who snowboarded on the local ski patrol, to the shock of the cool kids playing in the snowboard park. He hated to wear a hat when snowboarding, but when the patrol arranged for helmets for the patrollers, he would don the thing as an example to his grandchildren. And, like me at aged four or five, he helped each grandchild navigate the slopes, on skis or snowboard. Though Emily was probably the youngest – At aged two, she was placed in a set of skis so she could try “walking”. She walked to the big lift and wasn’t going to be deterred, with Grandpa in tow.