Certifying a Canadian Passport

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Canadian citizens who need to have their Canadian passport certified for obtaining a US ITIN must obtain the certification from Passport Canada who issued the original Canadian passports. I recently asked them how to obtain a certified copy of a Canadian Passport… here is the answer I received on August 14, 2012.

Readers are cautioned that the information below is provided as is without guarantee that procedures may have changed following this posting.

Please contact Passport Canada directly to confirm the information below.

To obtain a certified copy of your passport, you may bring your passport to a Passport Canada office. There is no fee for this service presently. There will be a fee of $45 starting March 31, 2014 for this service. You will have to complete and sign a Request for certified true copy of Canadian travel document, Form PPTC 516. [PDF FORMAT – PPTC 516 – Certified copy – ENG (2012-05 NOT THE LATEST VERSION) – Note that this form is not available on the Passport Canada website. This not the most recent version of the form and you must contact Passport Canada to have the form mailed to you instead.] You may submit your request in person at a Passport Canada office at www.pptc.gc.ca/service/index.aspx?lang=e Please note that:

  • the Pointe-Claire Passport Canada Office DOES NOT offer this service;
  • Canada Post offices and Service Canada Centres DO NOT offer this service; and
  • if the request was submitted to the Calgary South Passport Canada Office, the certified copy of your passport must be picked up at the Calgary Passport Canada Office.

You also have the option to send your passport to Passport Canada, along with a letter requesting the service. You may send your passport and letter by registered mail to:

Passport Canada Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Gatineau Canada K1A 0G3

or by courier to:

Passport Canada 22 de Varennes Street Gatineau QC  J8T 8R1
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  • CH

    This is to advise that the form PPTC516 has been updated. Your web site should be updated. for form you can call 1800-567-6868.

    • http://taxtim.ca/ Tim Parris

      Could you provide a link to the form at Passport Canada’s website please?

      This form should really be on the government website given the quantity of downloads I receive for it on a daily basis.

  • hh

    AND do I send my original Passport with this form… and be without any proof for the 10 business days it takes??

    • http://taxtim.ca/ Tim Parris

      That is the problem with this process, but it is the process that Passport Canada is providing.

  • Murphy

    Why does one apply for a Certified Passport over just the regular Passport?

    • http://taxtim.ca/ Tim Parris

      First paragraph explains why you would do this…